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Yaskawa U1000 – Low Harmonics Regenerative Matrix Converter

Do You Have Problems with AC Drives? Yaskawa’s development of the world’s first application of matrix converter technology in 2006 made it possible to solve AC drive problems. Further evolution of this technology has resulted in the U1000. This sophisticated series of motor drives available only from Yaskawa eliminates the problems of standard AC drives. […]

Yaskawa R1000 – Power Regenerative Unit

The power regenerative unit has braking and regenerative functions that returns load-energy to the power supply. Use with an AC drive demonstrates superior energy-saving capability in applications with high minus loads such as with cranes and vertical transport lifters. For More Details : Yaskawa R1000 – Power Regenerative Unit    

Yaskana General Purpose Inverter- Varispeed G7 Advanced Vector Control

Varispeed G7 In consideration of the different usage environments throughout the world, this inverter boasts high levels of both performance and operability, and stands ready to meet the most stringent technological demands. For the first time, 3-level control has been incorporated in 400-V class, general-purpose inverters to solve the problem of micro-surge voltages. It can […]

YASKAWA – E1000 Fan, Pump & HVAC Applications

Super Energy-Savings • High efficiency driven induction motor • Drive optimization corresponds to load & temperature changes • Capable of driving induction & synchronous • Synchronous motor is more efficient drive than high efficient induction motors • Drive constant torque compressor with high efficiency (IM & SM) • Control stable pressure and high efficiency for […]

Yaskawa-Lift Applications L1000

Matching Every Need • Runs induction and synchronous motors • Designed compact for tight machine rooms • Compatible with a wide range of encoders • Reduced operation time and more powerful braking • Loaded with auto-tuning features Smooth, Comfortable Ride • Smooth Operation • Overshoot and anti-vibration control • High performance starting torque without sensors […]